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Audio/Visual Equipment

My recommendations for pro-level production...

Audio/Visual Equipment

Audio/Visual Equipment:

Best Microphones
Most Affordable Lavalier Mic (for phone use)
Best USB Mic (PC Plug’n Play)
Best Wireless Mic Kit (for phone or DSLR)
Wireless Lavalier Mic (to use with the above kit)
The mic I use for all my videos
My goto for sound recording
Best Cameras
Upgrade your phone, it’s easy to use and great quality.
Canon M6 Mark ii
Canon EF-M 22 mm f/2
Panasonic Gh5 (this is the camera I use)
Lumix 12-35 mm f/2.8 (this is the lens I use)

Parrot Teleprompter (Best for DSLRs)
Adapter to use Parrot Teleprompter with your phone
Ikan Remote (the Parrot Teleprompter one is glitchy)
Teleprompter Lite App (For Phone)

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